Surf Junior Academy is an exciting program based on what's best for the players. The player's individual skill development and enjoyment is at the heart of the program. They get practice sessions throughout the year in which small-sided games is an emphasis during the fall and spring seasons. The players play in games to maximize touches and enjoyment which will fall in line with Surf curriculum.

For inquiries about our Surf Juniors program, please contact Jerry Cardenas at .





Select is a competitive alternative to Premier with limited travel, primarily in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Beginning at U11, select teams hold tryouts and offer competitive play for approximately 6-7 months of the year. Typically, select teams require less travel than premier teams because they compete in leagues and tournaments closer to Spokane. Travel, cost, and training commitment are less than the premier program, but more challenging than recreational. If players are unwilling or unable to commit to a year-long soccer program, select teams are often the best choice. Many athletes can maintain their commitment to select soccer and participate in multiple sports. These teams will have coach-led practices once per week, an Academy training once per week, and will often have a third day set aside for an additional practice, cross-training, conditioning, or classroom time. Usually our Select teams participate in 1-2 tournaments each Summer.



Premier is the club’s highest level offered and is extremely selective and competitive. These teams train and compete year-round with some extensive travel. Premier teams have paid coaches, who hold advanced soccer coaching credentials and have years of experience of being involved with the sport. An essential requirement of this level is a greater commitment from players, parents, and coaches. These teams will have coach-led practices twice per week, an Academy training once per week, and will often have a fourth day set aside for cross-training, conditioning, or classroom time.

Most Premier teams involve travel for league play as well as out of town tournaments, such as the Washington Cup qualifier and subsequent Cup Championships. Some premier players can maintain their commitment to premier soccer and also play a second sport, but soccer is their first priority. Premier teams place a greater emphasis on development beyond the two main pillars of the game; technical and tactical with specific focus on the remaining pillars of physical and psychological. The understanding of competition and the end result is stressed in the team’s development. Winning is an important part of competing in sports and what it takes to win is stressed, with the end result taking care of itself. Along with the advanced training comes the pathway at the older ages for preparation to play at the collegiate level. Usually our Premier teams will compete in 3-4 extremely competitive tournaments throughout the year, which will include College Showcase tournaments at the older ages.



Part of the Surf curriculum focuses on Academy-style training, where the Club’s style of play is emphasized and perfected by the players. Included in each player’s Club dues are Academy sessions during the team’s league season. For Premier teams, Academy sessions will be conducted over a 10-month period. Classic Premier teams will be conducted over 7 months of Academy training and Select teams conducted over a 5 months of Academy training. These trainings will be developed and implemented by Academy Director Ivan Torres, in agreement with the Technical Director. Ivan brings a tremendous amount of experience and enthusiasm to Eastern Washington Surf SC and we are excited to kick off the first year of Academy training under his guidance. The Junior Surf Academy will be directed by Shereen Brewster, another greatly experienced and enthusiastic trainer on our staff.

*Note: This pdf file has a page for each week. Scroll along the pages to see the focus of each schedule. Also, for Classic teams who have Academy bi-weekly, please scroll through the tabs to see which weeks your team has Academy.


Eastern Washington Surf is fortunate to have three talented goalkeeper trainers on staff. Each goalkeeper trainer will focus on a specific group of goalkeepers, providing age and ability-specific instruction. Mo Heston will work with the Premier Girls, Garrett Brickey will work with the Premier Boys, and Erik Lewis will work with the Select goalkeepers. These trainings will usually occur at the same time as Academy training for each team.

*See downloadable schedule under Academy for fall training schedule.



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The goal of the EW Surf SC College Prep Program is to educate, expose and guide our players and parents to be prepared in the college recruiting process. The curriculum of the EW Surf SC College Prep Program benefits all High School age players as they explore their post high school opportunties both academically and athletically.


  • Jerry Cardenas, Executive Director
  • Shea Swoboda, Director of Coaching
  • Traci Spoon Stensland, Program Administrator
  • Andrew Chapman, Boys Advisor
  • Nick Chapman, Girls Advisor


Player CP Sessions

Players will attend College Prep sessions the same night as their Academy. Each session will be just 30 minutes prior to or after the players Academy session. Teams CP schedule will be communicated to the coaches.


  • 5:30p-6:00p: 04B Vasquez
  • 6:00p-6:30p: 03B Craig
  • 6:30p-7:00p: 01 B Chapman & 00B Chapman


  • 5:30p-6:00p: 03G Swoboda & 03G Wilson
  • 6:00p-6:30p: 04G Swoboda & 04G Lewis
  • 6:30p-7:00p: 00G Velasco & 00G Chapman







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